Do you experience muscle fatigue and tightness after a long week of strength training?

Maybe you're almost TOO good at fitting in your strength and endurance workouts... but struggle with and even RESIST making time for rest, recovery and stretching.

You've heard the benefits of yoga - but don't really know where to begin.

The Fit Flow Bundle provides you with power yoga flows to build balance, mobility & flexibility to improve your workout performance. You'll also receive yoga flows for rest and recovery - so you can reduce muscle soreness and recover more quickly from your workouts!

What you'll get in this bundle:

• 3 full-length Yoga Flows

• 2 full-length Strength Workouts

PLEASE NOTE 🚨: 6 additional workouts will be added to this bundle by Jan/Feb 2023! If you lock in that this price by purchasing the bundle NOW - you will get each new workout at NO EXTRA cost to you!

Access to my Free Facebook community to connect with others in the DBN community!

A FREE Habit Tracker to track progress with your workouts & nutrition goals

...and an exclusive discount to join the Mindful Muscles Academy (my signature course to fuel your fitness goals using a non-diet approach to your nutrition!)

Hi I'm Katie, your Trainer!

Hi! I'm Katie, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher! Through my own struggles as a teen, I discovered exactly how damaging under-eating and over-exercising was on my body. Once I made the mental shift towards exercising for pleasure and fueling my body without dieting and deprivation - my life changed forever!

As your Dietitian & Trainer - I want to help you get fit & connected with your body, without extremes. I'm so excited to connect and workout with you!

What people are saying about the Fit Flow Bundle:

"I typically don’t like slow movement but had been working towards incorporating yoga and strength training that’s not only easier on your body but also shows actual results... I’ve kept up with being active partly because of being encouraged by this program and MMA and it’s really helped my heart rate slow down and my blood pressure improve."

"The Fit Flow bundle has been so liberating for my particular fitness goals! I have invested in fitness programs, apps and classes before and they almost always fall short, designed for someone way different than me or ends up being impractical to keep up with longterm. Some of these influencers' workouts were even setting myself up for injury or creating unrealistic expectations of where I need to be in my fitness.

I highly recommend this on-demand bundle for those who are looking for a step up in their fitness. It’s a phenomenal addition to any fitness plan. Katie’s workout videos in this bundle helped me realize that I need to SLOW DOWN during strength training so that I can see more of the results I have been looking for. I was used to moving weights around quickly and she encouraged slower movements which helped me see quicker results! Not only that, but I am able to go back and add in these workouts for whatever timeframe I have during the week. It’s great for busy adults who need some additional framework in their fitness without a strict plan. Katie has a great way of being encouraging you in fitness and also having a good relationship with your body. Definitely check this bundle out!"

- Shae M.

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