Master your nutrition, fitness & body-confidence with my self-paced online courses. Building healthy habits doesn't have to be crazy complex or stressful! I'm here to support you in reaching your goals using a mindful approach - so you can ditch the diets and fuel your active lifestyle!
Gentle Nutrition

The foundation of each and every one of my courses is gentle nutrition. This means you'll learn the best nutrition tips & strategies that you can ALWAYS be flexible with. I'll teach you how to reach your overarching goals, while enjoying the foods you love, AND without wasting precious time obsessing over food rules.

Exercise Performance

The fitness world is packed full of unrealistic body standards, and restrictive diets. In the Dark Blue Community we pride ourselves in being nutrition & fitness nerds, without all the toxic b.s.! In the Mindful Muscles Academy, you'll learn how to improve your exercise performance and see results from your workouts without restriction or obsessing over calories, macros or the scale.

Body Confidence

I'll help you feel confident in your own skin without extreme measures! Changes in your body (muscle tone, weight changes, hormone balance & long strong hair and nails) are half the fun - but most importantly, you'll learn mindset shifts that will change your life, and leave you feeling radiant and confident, no matter if you're wearing your favorite workout gear... or a unicorn onesie!

Hi, I’m Katie!

As a Dietitian Nutritionist & CPT I know that mastering your nutrition goals is not just about what you know - but how you apply it! Through my nutrition, fitness & mindfulness courses - I will help you fuel your fitness, boost your confidence & improve your body image so you can stop wasting precious time obsessing over food...and go make your impact on the world!